Beat the Eagle FundraiserThe Eastover “family” contributes time and resources to ensure our school offers a nurturing, innovative and academically exciting experience for our students. We could not provide this type of experience without support from parents, grandparents, staff, corporate partners and our community at-large



To help us meet the needs of our school, Eastover’s PTA offers two major fundraisers every year: Invest In Your Child in the Fall and Beat the Eagle in the Spring.

Why We Raise Money

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools budget for Eastover covers facility and staff expenses; they also provide to our school based on the number of students enrolled at Eastover. This amount equates to about $56 per child for all instructional and non-instructional supplies – a small fraction of what is needed to continue our high standard of education at Eastover.

Our PTA budget supplements this CMS funding to provide our students with hands-on learning programs and academic experiences, as well as the latest technology and teaching tools. Without the PTA’s additional funding, there would be no iPad Carts, Chromebook carts, smart board technology, chess, enhanced classroom supplies and books, teacher training, cultural arts and STEM programming. Even items as small as batteries, paper, agendas, printer cartridges and health room supplies are all made possible by the PTA budget.

Your support helps make our school the best it can be and we thank you!

Corporate Sponsors

A huge thank you to our 2023-2024 Eastover Elementary Corporate Sponsors!